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Packaging Coatings » Metal
Schekolin AG provides a wide range of products for metal packaging including internal- and external coatings for sheet coating, object coating and coil coating for:
  • Crown corks
  • Aluminium caps
  • Twist off
  • Easy open
  • Monobloc aerosol cans
  • Monoblock-Aerosoldosen
  • 2 pcs cans
  • 3 pcs cans
  • Small cigar cans, pencil boxes
  • Pastille cans
  • Barrels, Drums
We also provide:
  • More than 300 colour shades
  • Special effects (e.g.: "Flip-Flop", "Metallic", "Softfeel")
  • Seam protection powder
  • Seam protection lacquer
  • Sealing compound for aluminium tubes

and together with our business partners we are able to recommend systems for the application of printing inks and sealing compound.

Please find our basic recommendations in the appropriate categories.
For specific questions please contact us by e-mail
info @ schekolin.com

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